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Hello world & Welcome To My New Blog

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by Andrew

Welcome To My Brand New Blog Everyone 😀

As you may know, in November, my site Andrew Tech Help was taken down without notice by my then free webhost 000webhost. After this occurred I made the decision to move to paid hosting and for Christmas I received my account at the new host – JustHost!

Due to moving my site to a more capable server, I am now able to add a new section to my website, a blog.  I hope to update this blog  fairly regularly and this blog will just contain thoughts about things that are happening in the world for me. So common topics will probably involve school , radio stations and technology as well as errata in news and politics.

So if you plan to regularly read my blog, then I thank you for this and hope you enjoy the content. If you wish to leave a comment on anything I post, then go ahead – just keep it clean or the spam filters will remove it.


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