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Not At All What I Expected…

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by Andrew

Today I decided to start the process of uploading my other website “The Forking Spoonfan Wiki” which I created after my favourite radio talkback personality finished up his talkback show in November 2008. When I went to upload the database (because all of my websites including Andrew Tech Help and this blog use a database to store the actual content of the site) I found is significantly larger than it should have been.

After looking through the database I found inside the RSGallery table (where the comments for all the photos on the site are stored), that there was 6730 spam comments linking to Viagra, Porn, Spyware and other assorted nasty websites – spanning back all the way to March 2009. I never checked the photo galleries, so I did not know this was occurring.

The webhost then probably thought I had put those there myself and therefore was breaking my Terms of Service and cancelled all my accounts, causing me 1 month data loss on 2 sites and complete data loss on my 3rd site.

So yea, that’s probably why my websites were taken offline, definitely not what I expected – you learn something new every day I guess. The Forking Spoonfan Wiki should be back online by Sunday 3rd Jan (exactly 1 year after it was first launched) with photo commenting disabled!

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  • The good news, thank you!