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The Last Day of 2009!

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by Andrew

OMG, today is the last day of 2009. It started off with 4WDing up toward Helidon, Esk, Crows Nest and then Toowoomba. The area around Crows Nest has a fair bit to do with the national park nearby, but sadly none of that was able to be properly explored by foot due to rain, yes that stuff that falls out of the sky. Toowoomba and Crows Nest badly need the rain though, so I’m happy they got it, and we can always come back another day to fully explore the area.

What we were able to do and when I mean we, I mean my family and another family who went with us, what we were able to do was to find geocaches. Geocaches are little hidden treasures with a notepad inside them, that are hidden all across the world in sneaky places (there’s several in Cleveland for example) and your mission to to get the GPS co-ordinates from the website, read the clues and then head for those co-ordinates and try to find the treasure and log in the notepad you found it! There was one about 2 minutes outside of Gatton and one in Toowoomba.

Now as I sit at home writing this post, I’m watching Shaun McAllaff’s show on the TV and listening to 97.3 FM’s New Year’s Eve Party Mix which is commercial free from 6pm-6am – 12 hours of nonstop party music 😀

So yea – no big parties, just me, my computer, my radio, my TV, my family, a quick chat to Ashlee, Alistair, Sara, Nick and Gary on the computer and the internet is the way I’m going to finish 2009, and I think it’s just awesome.

Have a great party everyone who’s partying. May 2010 be much better than 2009 was!

Oh and my 2010 resolution is 1280×800 if you wanted to know. Thank you for Kevin the ATM for that awesome idea!

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