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2010 – It’s HERE Folks

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by Andrew

Well the last time I wrote here, it was 2009 and now it’s 2010. I now have all 3 of my websites back onto the net and I must stop procrastinating and actually write the 11 articles I promised I would, there’s been lots of stuff happening lately that I really should cover. I also need to record 2 podcasts, 1 is my TechPod, the audio summary of those 11 articles and also Sam Anderson, KG and myself need to record our, look at 2009 in 2010 podcast, basically our thoughts of the last 10 years.

I’ve also got a bit of spending to do to get myself equipped for 2010. 2010 is going to be very different to 2009 I suspect. Already Odie from MMM has finished at Triple M Sydney (he finished his final shift today) and my friend KG starts his first job tomorrow, things are moving ahead. In only a few short weeks, I shall be entering year 12, so quickly this has happened too.

Also this is the official rule that my friends and I have decided (and I’ll try and follow), this year is ‘Twenty Ten’, not ‘Two Thousand and Ten’, because we never said ‘One Thousand, Nine Hundred and Ten’, we said ‘Nineteen Ten’.

Hopefully this decade will be the decade of Rock again, rather than hip hop and dance, therefore I nominate Hip-Hop, Dance and Rap for a GTFO award!

The GTFO awards were held on a show I listen to called NSFW and these were the winners of some of the categories

  • In the Celebrities category the GTFO award was given to: Lady Gaga and Her Penis
  • In the Internet Behaviours category the GTFO award was given to: Saying ‘First’ in the comments of items on the web.
  • In the Memes category the GTFO award was given to: ‘I’ma let you finish, but’
  • In the Organisations category the GTFO award was given to: the RIAA/MPAA
  • In the People’s Choice category the GTFO award was given to: Mac Vs PC arguements

In previous years the GTFO award has been given to Chris Crocker, Playboy, Motorola Razor, Soviet Union, Y2K Bug, Hitler and American Online.

Lastly, I really hope Triple M Sydney & Melbourne make their way out of the rut they’re currently in at the moment, I think Triple M Melbourne has a chance, but at the moment Sydney doesn’t look very promising!

That’s all for tonight, plan to blog soon, hopefully after my 11 articles are done.

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