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The Last Day Before The Last First Day of School!

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by Andrew

Well, it’s Australia Day 2010, the last day of holidays before school properly resumes tomorrow and year 12 begins. It will be a busy year but on that day November 19th 2010, it will be worth it because school will be officially over. I hope to have time to keep blogging here, but school work might get in the way of that, I also hope school work doesn’t interrupt my Andrew Tech Help news and how to articles.

Today I had a number of different things happen. Sadly my digital TV will be off for a couple of weeks as the small adapter for the aerial broke off, so it will take at least a week to buy one off ebay I suspect. So that’s a bit disappointing, but not much you can do.

I did play with Microsoft’s Windows Virtual PC today. I had some terrible trouble getting it going though. Microsoft software was giving me some contradicting messages. One Microsoft utility said it was all working perfectly and another one said it was not working at all. I had to do a BIOS update and now it works perfectly. I can run applications designed for XP like Macromedia Fireworks 8 in a virtual XP mode which acts like a Windows 7 application. I shall hopefully write about it on my website soon.

I have a new sleep time of between 11:30pm-12:00am EST on school nights for the next 10 months and then I’m finally free from bed times! Thanks for reading this blog and yea – 10 months of school left :O

Tomorrow, the Last First Day of School!

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