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Temporary Fix To Windows Live Messenger Appearing Offline Issue

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by Andrew

Update: Microsoft Fixed The Problem Soon After This Post Was Published

Hey Everyone. Figured Out A Way To Make Messenger Let You Appear Online and Still Let You Use Windows Live Messenger.

The problem is, that they’re testing a new feature on the MSN servers which will appear in Windows Live Messenger 2010. This testing is causing everyone using the Windows Live Messenger client to appear offline for now, when they’re really online. This doesn’t stop you from talking, except you don’t know if they’re online or not.

Easy way to Fix it, till Microsoft finish their testing.

1. Sign Into Windows Live Messenger as normal. It will say online, but you’ll appear offline.

2. Open Internet Explorer (don’t think this works on Firefox, definitely doesn’t work on Chrome) and goto the normal Windows Live Hotmail website (either or and sign in to your Hotmail.

3. In the Top Right Corner, there’s a Messenger menu which will probably say Available. Click it and pick Sign In From This Location. Once you do this, you’ll appear online to your contacts and they might talk to you.

This works because, other web messengers like Ebuddy and Web Messenger etc are working properly, but the Windows Live Messenger program isn’t. Web Messenger is the only one which lets you sign in to both Windows Live Messenger and the web version at the same time. So the Web Messenger is making you appear online, and then you can use Windows Live Messenger normally. Don’t Go Deleting Files on Your Computer – WILL NOT FIX IT!

Andrew 🙂

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