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Good Friday

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by Andrew

Good Friday, it’s a day that I just don’t understand. Note that if you’re overly religious and take offensive at someone speaking against a religion, then you should probably stop reading this post right about now.

Now, before I get comments explaining to me about why we have Good Friday and why it’s called that (Jesus died to save our sins and we’re greatful etc etc), from a logical standpoint – I simply don’t see how someone dying  painfully nailed on a cross (whether it be fiction or fact) can be seen in any way good. I’ve been brought up to see that murder, for whatever purpose is a very bad thing, not good and definitely not good enough to have a public holiday behind it. I would have called it Bad Friday or Very Sad Friday then then Good Sunday for when Jesus supposedly comes back to life – that’s what I would logically see as the “Good” bit! Anyway – enough about the logics of it all, now onto my actual issue.

EVERYTHING IS SHUT TODAY!! For someone who’s not religious and staying away from churches, there’s not much to do really. The newspaper isn’t printed (even though the internet doesn’t take a break thank goodness), most shops are closed, most attractions are closed, radio shows are on holidays and the TV is full of movies about Jesus! – it’s a public holiday with nothing to do. There’s a large number of people who aren’t Christians (especially Muslims, Hindus and Atheists etc) who won’t be spending the day in church feeling sorry for Jesus and eating fish. What are we supposed to do. I can understand Christmas day being a public holiday and even Easter Sunday, because at least you can participate in the commercial part of it, with gift and egg giving no matter what religion you are, but Good Friday has nothing and is specifically Christian only! ANZAC Day is also an important public holiday, because it affects all Australians, as does Australia Day, and even those days aren’t as shut down as Good Friday is!

So I hope in the future we can lift the commercial absence of  Good Friday for those of us who do not wish to participate, so we can have a public holiday with something to do (like Labor Day). The Christians who wish to take Good Friday off and go to church should fully be allowed to and I have no problem them doing that, but the rest of us should be allowed to do more than sit at home with less to do than normal.

BTW – before I go, stuff like this really annoys me: – Atheists are simply people who do not believe there is any God at all, we do not hate your God as you cannot hate something which doesn’t exist! To any religious people I’ve offended, I’m sorry, but I warned you not to read, and this is my blog where I can express my thoughts on things.

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  • I fully agree. luckily down at the spit the burger shop was open 🙂

    That news article was just plain stupid.

  • I fully agree. luckily down at the spit the burger shop was open 🙂

    That news article was just plain stupid.

  • narwalker

    Hello there, Andrew!
    'Tis I! (Nick W.)

    I know you posted this ages ago, but I just thought of something that ties in with your whole religious/atheist thing here, I wonder if you've heard: Richard Dawkins will attempt to arrest the Pope… go google it!

  • Yes Nick, In Fact I heard about this story today. I find it most amusing and if in the slight chance it does happen, I would applaud it!

  • lostcaws

    Here is my reply that is too long to post here, I hope the author reads it

  • Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts on it. I still disagree with you, my major point being – Good Friday is not something that all of Australia can relate to or cares about and we don't even know if it's real and yet there's so much emphasis put on it while ANZAC Day should matter to anyone who lives in Australia because it's part of our factual history and how we built our nation. The shopping thing is an example of just one of the many things. But thanks for your reply, I'm surprised someone actually reads this.

  • Good Friday