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New Podcast Available Here :)

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by Andrew

I listen to a lot of radio, my favourite shows being Robin Terry & Bob on 97.3 FM Brisbane and The Spoonman, Paul & Rach and Ugly Phil on Sydney’s Triple M. I also listen to another great show on an online UK community station called Endeavour Online which is hosted by Daniel Pettigrew. He has started a segment on the show called the Friday Afternoon Panel which consists of a few of us Australians who listen to his show regularly. So I’m very excited that I’m on this Friday Afternoon Panel but because it comes on too late for most people in Australia to listen live (being Friday night at 11:30pm) I’ve decided to podcast the show, here on my blog for you all!

If you click the Friday Afternoon Panel Podcast button at the top of the screen, each week I’ll update this page with the latest episode of the show so you can listen to it. Please leave your comments and feedback in the box at the bottom of that page and I’ll try and respond to it on air!

You should also listen to Endeavour Online when you can as it is a great station at

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