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Queens Birthday Long Weekend Jam Packed Post (Kinda)

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by Andrew

Haven’t posted here for a few days and thought I’d better update the thoughts from my inner sanctum to you all. I’ve got a mini cold, one of those which is slightly more than my normal sinuses but not enough to stop me doing anything. It’s just annoying, but thankfully I’ve got the long weekend to make sure I come back to school ready for what will be a 4 day week, but one hell of a 4 day week.

I have a normal day Tuesday, followed by 2 exams on Wednesday followed by 2 days of QCS Test practice. I really really hate QCS and personally think it’s a band aid to a very broken system of senior assessment in Queensland. Then it’s holidays for 3 whole weeks before 17 weeks left of school :O – wow this year has gone fast (yet this term has gone slowly…).

This holiday will mainly involve me staying up late and co-hosting the Endeavour Online Afternoon Show with Daniel 😀 – so if you’re up late and want to listen to me just chat with Daniel and play some pretty good music, then check out I’m also going on a mini holiday for a few days to visit the legend of Sydney FM radio: The Spoonman! If you’ve never heard of the Spoonman before, then he used to be a Sydney based radio talkback announcer who hosted a late night national FM talkback and rock music program. He was more edgy than the AM talkback and had radical opinions sometimes, but hosted the best show on radio at the time and usually nailed the issue he was discussing even if it disagreed with mainstream views. I’m also going to visit my friend Deanna who moved away from Brisbane in 2008 and so that will be awesome to see her again for a day 🙂

I have also spent a bit of time on YouTube and came across this awesome (but extremely random song) called Chicken Monkey Duck, so I thought I’d share this with you all!

Chicken Monkey Duck

Lastly, I have an urge for something, but I don’t actually know what it is – don’t you hate it when that happens, you want something, but you don’t know what it is you actually want?

Have a good night and thank you Queen for giving us a free holiday, I think you’ve contributed nothing else to Australia and bring on the republic, but I do thank you for a free holiday

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