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In 2000, Channel 7 ran one of the most unique promotions I’ve even seen for TV. Most TV promotions require you to call in, or remember a promo code or something similar to that, but this one actually required you to stick something to your TV. The promotion was called The DOT. Here is one of the packets they came in and the DOT itself.

The Dot

Basically how this thing worked was that at a specific time each night (usually during a popular show), in the bottom right corner where there is currently a 7 watermark, a watermark the same shape as the DOT appeared and at the start of the program, Channel 7 would tell viewers to stick the DOT to their telly (it was sticky on the back) over the watermark, and continue watching Channel 7 for the entire hour (no changing Channels) and this process would charge and activate the DOT. After that you simply put it back in it’s packet and then sent it away and hoped you were a winner. 10 years ago (I was 7) I must have decided to keep one of these DOTs as a momento and I found it the other day as I was looking through my stuff. I was also disappointed to see not a single mention of it on the internet, so that’s why I decided to blog about it now!

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  • Megan

    I’m 17, so similar age to you and remember this!!
    I decided to google it and here was your blog.
    Thankyou! My mum and dad don’t remember this and think I’m crazy lol

  • Jordy

    Wow thankyou!! I just remembered these things and have been searching the internet for the past hour and finally found your post!! Thanks haha my parents thought i was going crazy too. Do you know if the dot actually worked lol?

    • Haha, I have no clue if it actually worked or not. Still cool though!