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The Final School Holidays Ever!

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by Andrew

Well it’s the end of the final school holidays and this has been a pretty good school holidays. I’ve balanced my ‘Andrew’ things with social things and managed to get lots done.

I saw the launch of 2 TV stations (7Mate on September 25th @ 5:57pm and GEM on September 26th @ 6:00am) which were historical events which also meant I saw the end of 2 TV stations (7HD and 9HD) as they were replaced by the 2 new ones.

I also witnessed the final release of the Windows Live Essentials 2011 @ 3:00am on Friday 1st October and installed it straight away. This is a serious improvement to the Windows Live Essentials, especially Windows Live Messenger which now gains Facebook Chat integration 🙂

I also got time to write 6 articles on my website, which had been neglected since July. If you want to read them they’re about the Internet Explorer 9 Beta, Windows Phone Developer Tools, Windows Live Proofs, Prepping Your Windows Live Profile For Windows Live Essentials 2011, How To Disable Facebook Places & Windows Live Essentials 2011 Review.

So they were all my ‘Andrew’ things, I also some social events into my calendar (a lot more than normal) including entertaining some Victorian friends, a tech crew social night, my friend’s (Nick) girlfriend’s (Toni) murder mystery birthday party and another of my friend’s (Rachael) belated birthday dinner as well as seeing my friend Alex today. I enjoyed my social events this holidays and was probably good prep for my university days 🙂

Daylight Saving started today in NSW, VIC, TAS and SA today, but not in QLD – very sad news and shows that Anna Bligh and Labor won’t listen to Queenslanders.

So that was my last school holidays and I think it was a damn good one! School returns tomorrow and in 35 days I will have graduated from high school and be on my way to university. Just gotta sort that English out this term….

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  • Catherine

    Just about sums it up, very nice 🙂