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My First Post High School Graduation Week

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by Andrew

I haven’t blogged in a little while. Arguably I should have posted something last week because it was my last day of high school for ever, but the day became so exciting and busy that I didn’t end up posting. So I will get you all up to speed on what’s happened since November 19th to today November 27th in this post.

Graduation day was a wonderful day. The school made it a really special day and made each graduate feel special and valued. It started with a full school assembly (Prep to Year 12) where the prefects and medallion students (those who spent their schooling from year 1 to 12 at the same school) were recognised. Then the valedictory with just the year 12 parents, students, form teachers and administration was also a special event. Many year 12 students spoke (some who were normally so quiet I had never heard more than 2 words out of them at a time) about their experiences from year 8 to year 12 and it was just a wonderful day. We then were presented with our certificates and we then left school forever. I went to a mini graduation party that night, which was a nice time to chill and just relax with friends from school.

The next day most graduates disappeared off to schoolies, while I stayed home and started reading about how to program Windows Phones – very exciting stuff. On Tuesday I went down to visit the schoolies on the Gold Coast. Was awesome to see Dan, Bre, Fraser, Rachael, Robyn, Ashleigh, Ashlee, Ashley, Madi, Hugh, Harry, Rob, Tom, Chris, Will, Michael, Stix, Chanelle, Alicia, Joel, Dexter & Many Others. Spent some time chilling in apartments, shopping and playing mini golf, but avoided the beach as usual ;D (curse you sand). That was a great day and I think I left at the right time before dark 😛

Then Wednesday I finally got it – My First Windows Phone 7 handset! Sooo Happy! It’s a HTC 7 Mozart on Telstra’s $49 Cap which means $400 worth of texts and calls per month, plus 1GB of data to use each month (since they put the data limits on all their plans up 2 days before I purchased). It’s just a gorgeous phone, very sleek and responsive, most of the apps I want are there, integrates well with Microsoft services and anything which is currently missing is to be added in future updates which should hopefully ship regularly throughout 2011. Thanks for my step brother Michael for selling this to me 🙂

HTC 7 Mozart Start Screen

HTC 7 Mozart - Windows 7 Start Screen

HTC 7 Mozart Games Hub

HTC 7 Mozart - Windows Phone Games Hub

Thursday I went for my first driving lesson with an instructor. Now, I know my driving has been shocking over the last 2 years – since getting my learners in Feburary 2009 I have only driven about 6 hours and that was with my parents. Well finally I decided I needed to start to learn to drive, so with the help of an official driving instructor I will build up my confidence and aim to have my 100 hours done as quickly as I can. I’m hoping by September or October next year to have made up my 100 hours so I can start to go for my P plates.

Finally yesterday I went an visited my old primary school’s Special Education Unit to see my friends and old primary school teachers at the cafe they run up there every fortnight. It was a great day. So coming up for me there are  few exciting things. Firstly there’s the Melbourne trip which is going to be fantastic. Melbourne’s a wonderful city and spending a whole week there doing things for myself is awesome! Then there’s getting upgraded internet from ADSL1 to TPG ADSL2+ 200GB download per month, which will mean I can start to look at using Ustream for things more often and finally then America!

Anyway – I think this post is done. The first post school week has been great and I hope the rest of the holidays between now and university continue to be awesome!

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  • Well finally I decided I needed to start to learn to drive, so with the help of an official driving instructor I will build up my confidence and aim to have my 100 hours done as quickly as I can.