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Software Early 1990s Style

Posted on August 31, 2010 by Andrew

A few years ago when I was in Scouts we searched through the Venturers room at our Scout den one night, I came across some packages that I really wanted to keep, because I knew the significance of them. In … Continue reading

Phishing Scam Fail!

Posted on August 28, 2010 by Andrew

Got An Email Tonight From “Standard Bank” and I expected a fully graphical scam phishing email, but instead I got this – the HTML code of that graphical email instead. I think they must have accidentally set it to plain text instead … Continue reading

Found This Amusing

Posted on August 26, 2010 by Andrew

This came up in @Pikelet650 ‘s Twitter stream and I thought it was quite amusing 😛

Explaining The Current Hung Parliament Situation

Posted on August 23, 2010 by Andrew

I got a lot of questions today from lots of you at school today who where either completely confused by what’s happening at the moment, so I thought I might write exactly what’s going to try and help explain it … Continue reading

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QUT Open Day & Busways + GoCard Awesome!

Posted on July 25, 2010 by Andrew

I went to the QUT Open Day today, and I’m now quite excited about next year! For the last year or so I’ve had it in my head that I’d probably be going to UQ for university in 2011, but … Continue reading

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One Of The Best Holidays Ever!

Posted on June 30, 2010 by Andrew

Last Friday morning at 7am, I left Brisbane headed for Sydney to meet the best talkback radio host in the country – The Spoonman! He used to host a late night talkback show on FM station Triple M in Sydney, … Continue reading

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Queens Birthday Long Weekend Jam Packed Post (Kinda)

Posted on June 12, 2010 by Andrew

Haven’t posted here for a few days and thought I’d better update the thoughts from my inner sanctum to you all. I’ve got a mini cold, one of those which is slightly more than my normal sinuses but not enough … Continue reading

How We Write & The English Language

Posted on June 6, 2010 by Andrew

I’ve been doing some assignments lately, where my parents have proofread it to make sure it makes sense and also to make sure I’ve spelt everything correctly (which hasn’t been a problem, since I’m a pretty good speller and also … Continue reading

New Podcast Available Here :)

Posted on May 12, 2010 by Andrew

I listen to a lot of radio, my favourite shows being Robin Terry & Bob on 97.3 FM Brisbane and The Spoonman, Paul & Rach and Ugly Phil on Sydney’s Triple M. I also listen to another great show on … Continue reading

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Good Friday

Posted on April 3, 2010 by Andrew

Good Friday, it’s a day that I just don’t understand. Note that if you’re overly religious and take offensive at someone speaking against a religion, then you should probably stop reading this post right about now. Now, before I get … Continue reading

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